Cosmetic surgery is very affordable in the Philippines. The higher acceptance and growth of cosmetic surgery one of the general public has encouraged more doctors to go in this field.

Cosmetic Procedures also cost between 10%- 40% less within the Philippines than in the United States. The Philippines simply to name a few, have taken notice and also have taken advantage of this dilemma by providing these surgeries at very economical rates to interested patients outside their territories. The functional price differential between medical and surgical costs between these civilized world and the Philippines in particular make patients abroad take a second see this attractive option. Who will not be amazed with getting a surgery package cost of approximately a third to a quarter from the price found in the U.S. with only the same results?

Cosmetic Surgery Cost in the Philippines

Cosmetic Surgery Cost in the Philippines

Cosmetic Surgery Costs

Some of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery measures in the Philippines with the corresponding estimated price, that is based on average surgical clinic facilities, include:

Cost for Rhinoplasty:

The estimated prices from US$800 to US$2300 depending on the specific implant and nose job required. Nasal hump reduction rhinoplasty costs around US$2850. This is actually the most popular and sought after cosmetic surgery procedure within the Philippines. It involves nasal bridge augmentation or reduction (method that alters the shape of the bridge from the nose), nasal tip augmentation or reduction (method that alters the shape of the tip; changes the angle between your nose and the upper lip), and alar plasty (method that reduces the width of the nasal base or narrows the length of the nostrils).For more cost comparisons, Rhinoplasty, another common cosmetic surgery procedure only costs between US $250- $600 within the Philippines. The same procedure, costs between US $2500- $8,000 when completed in the United States by a competent surgeon.

Cost for Breast Augmentation Ranges:

The estimated price for breast augmentation varies from US$3000 to US$6000 depending on the type and make of breast implant used. This is actually the surgical procedure that involves increasing the size of the breast through keeping breast implant containing either silicone gel or saline solution beneath the breast. Patients may decide for the procedure to be done as outpatient or with hospital confinement. It is almost always done in 5 hours. The cost will be different depending on preference for outpatient or remaining in the hospital. The most common procedure- breast augmentation would cost over US Three dollars,000 just for the surgeon’s fees. The whole procedure including utilization of surgery room, anesthesia along with other expenses can be anywhere between US $4,000- US $10,000 with respect to the medical facility in the United States. The whole procedure is only going to cost between $2,000- $6,000 in the Philippines. The cost if cosmetic surgery in the Philippines is comparable to the cost of cosmetic surgery in Delhi India.

Cost for Blepharoplasty:

This requires reshaping the eyelids for cosmetic and functional problems. This process takes around one hour maximum and it is usually done on an outpatient basis. The estimated prices from US$800 to US$2000, depending on whether it’s only the lower lids or upper lids or both.

Cost for Liposuction:

This is actually the surgical suctioning or vacuuming of fat from underneath the surface of the skin; used to reduce fullness in almost any body area. This procedure typically takes up to 5 hours and could be done on an outpatient basis. The estimated prices from US$1000 to US$2300 depending on the area coverage.

Cost for Botox Injection:

This process can be used for a variety of conditions for example crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead wrinkles, jaw muscle hypertrophy, excessive armpit sweating, and calf muscle hypertrophy. The estimated prices from US$300 to US$600, depending on the part to become injected.

Low Cost of Nasal Injections:

The key reason is the very low cost of nasal injections. The cost of nasal injections comes from P7,000 to P10,000, ( around $ 125 to $178 )when compared with a surgical noselift which will cost from P20,000 to P30,000 ($357 to $536).