During cosmetic gum surgery tissue is grafted form various parts of the mouth and then placed over the areas where the gums are receding.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery?

To solve a gummy smile dilemma, a cosmetic gum surgery is necessary. Only a qualified cosmetic dental skilled must carry out this process. Gum surgery is distinct from cosmetic dental surgery in Bucks County. The main concentrate of cosmetic gum surgery is always to increase the look of a smile with procedures like adding veneers or cosmetic crowns. Oral gum surgery alternatively offers with structural and oral tissue complications by performing procedures on the sinus cavity, mandible and maxilla bones, as well as the gums. These procedures are considerably extra complicated and call for the practitioner to have a skilled hand and substantial coaching with these varieties of operations.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Regardless of whether you happen to be greeting a friend, responding to a compliment, or embracing a person you enjoy, every day delivers lots of opportunities to smile. Nonetheless, many people are hesitant to show their teeth for the reason that of excess gum tissue. This tissue can obscure the teeth, producing them appear unusually brief and misshapen. Luckily, advances in laser dentistry supply those with “gummy” smiles a genuinely fantastic reason to smile. At Gables Great Smile, the cosmetic dentistry practice of Dr. Gloria Ospina in Coral Gables, we use the Waterlase® MD dental laser to gently and precisely recontour the gums and generate dazzling, uniform smiles.

Laser gum surgery is among the simplest and most successful procedures in cosmetic dentistry. The Waterlase® MD dental laser makes use of a laser-charged stream of water to get rid of gum tissue. This extraordinary technologies enables for the process to become performed with small or no discomfort on the portion from the patient; indeed, most patients call for no anesthetic shot before remedy. There are actually no key risks connected with cosmetic gum surgery, along with the outcomes are instant and permanent. Patients emerge from remedy with drastically improved smiles.

More than the years, Dr. Ospina and her staff have witnessed firsthand the profound impact that cosmetic dentistry can have on people’s lives. 1 such recent case involved a patient named Ana Cristina, who came to our Miami-area workplace in Coral Gables unhappy with her smile. She was missing a front tooth, and her upper lip basically disappeared whenever she smiled. Dr. Ospina noticed that Ana was especially embarrassed by the quantity of gum tissue she showed when she laughed.

As portion of Ana’s smile makeover, Dr. Ospina replaced the missing front tooth and surgically decreased the quantity of gum tissue that was extending down onto the teeth. Please preserve in thoughts that Ana’s Gum line was never ever touched, there was no remedy performed for the gum, the complete perform by Dr. Ospina was completed under Ana’s lip. Now, thanks for the transformative energy of laser gum surgery, Ana no longer covers her mouth when she laughs and now enjoys a full upper lip when she smiles. As you may see inside the before-and-after photographs above, Ana genuinely features a smile she can now be proud to flash at every single chance. Ana is at present finalizing her remedy with Invisalign.

During cosmetic gum surgery tissue is grafted form different parts with the mouth after which placed more than the places exactly where the gums are receding. It is actually generally accomplished making use of neighborhood anesthesia inside the dentist’s workplace.

They Myths Surrounding Gum Problems

Cosmetic Gum Surgery2

Cosmetic Gum Surgery2

A multitude of myths and misinformation surround cosmetic gum surgery. The number 1 myth is the fact that cosmetic surgery in Austin, TX won’t aid save teeth. Luckily, this can be only a myth. Cosmetic gu`m surgery will support repair receding gu`m and offer you the confidence to smile.

Yet another preferred myth is the fact that cosmetic gum surgery is painful. You should keep in mind that this myth surrounds all dental perform. From the loved ones dentist in Austin, TX for the oral surgeon – ‘how considerably will this hurt’ is generally the initial question. Cosmetic gum surgery does involve discomfort. Even so, with neighborhood anesthesia you are going to not really feel any discomfort for the duration of the process. Your dentist will prescribe medication for the discomfort soon after your surgery.

Lots of patients really feel that their annual checkups are all they have to have inside the fight against gum disease. You’ll want to be conscious that when you already have gu`m illness, even a smaller quantity, a specialist cleaning won’t fix the issue.

Gum Illness: A Significant Wellness Issue

It can be crucial to determine your household dentist, Austin, TX residents in the to begin with sign of gum illness. This may well show up as sensitive teeth, receding gum, or loose teeth.

The frequent belief is the fact that gum illness is no major deal. It’s a enormous deal – and not taking care of g`um illness as soon as probable can result in key wellness challenges. If you ignore gum illness you will be at a greater danger for heart illness, stroke, osteoporosis, diabetes, and lots of other wellness difficulties.

For those who fall into specific ethnic groups you are going to choose to be pretty pro-active about gu`m illness. Mexican-American and African-Americans are two with the ethnic groups that see the highest occurrence of gum illness. Having said that, reports reveal that as much as 85 percent of all American suffer from gum illness – this consists of all races.

Why Carry out Gum Illness Surgery

For the cosmetic dentist in Austin, TX you’ll find certain causes to carry out gum surgery. The initial sort of predicament the dentist corrects is when the gums have elongated and cover up the teeth. The second dilemma addressed is receding gum.

When you show an excessive amount of of one’s gums once you smile you could demand surgery. This sort of challenge is often hereditary or can result from a poor eating plan. For the duration of surgery, lasers are utilised to trim back the gum.

Gum surgery is advised for patients with receding gums. As mentioned just before, pieces of tissue from the mouth are grafted onto the gums. This reinforces the gum line inside the places exactly where the gu`m had been receding.

Gum surgery will offer you a vibrant, new smile. You may really feel very good about oneself and your teeth and gums are going to be wholesome. Thus, preserve cosmetic dentistry in Austin, TX a priority. It could strengthen your life and your wellness.

Treatment for Dark Gums


Aesthetic Gum Remedy & Gum Bleaching

Quite a few men and women are unhappy with their dark gums, or gums with splotchy dark patches, and find the discoloration to become incredibly unappealing and detracting from their smile. Usually, this condition is usually a cosmetic concern and not necessarily a sign of a dental wellness predicament. Both men and women seek remedy, though women are normally far more self-conscious about their discolored gum look. As the pioneer of a process to treat discolored or dark gums, and one of many few dental professionals nationwide offering black gum bleaching, I have treated celebrities, business leaders, and high-ranking officials. Learn extra about how my Beverly Hills gum bleaching treatments can boost your smile.

Gum Grafting & Root Coverage

Patients may well experience a receding gum line either mainly because their gum tissue is overly thin and delicate or since they are suffering from periodontal illness. Without remedy, most gum recession will continue to worsen, and eventually cause bone deterioration, raising the danger of tooth loss. In addition, receding gums, especially in the front with the mouth, appear unattractive and unhealthy. To treat gum recession, I can carry out a cosmetic gum surgery process called gum grafting, which involves transplanting gum tissue to shore up the receding location. Instead of working with tissue from a patient’s own palate, which causes unnecessary discomfort through an additional surgery, more than the past 10 years I have been applying AlloDerm, a naturally-derived material, with tremendous success.